Mme Emmanuelle Grimbert, UK Marketing Director, Danone

“Sarah and Anna have done a fantastic job for my family, not just once but now twice - to find the perfect choice of school for our two children, in two very different locations.

We first moved to the South-West in 2014 from Poland, where my children attended the French Lycee. In the absence of any French or even international school options in our area, Sarah did a great job screening the British schools in our countryside area that were open to welcoming two non-English speakers, whilst making no compromise on academic standards. More importantly, she also found the right match to suit the needs of our children and their personality. I realised only later how daunting this process can be for English people who are familiar with the Private School system, and how difficult it is to get the right choice of school. Luckily, we were spared all the complexities and challenges of that process and landed very naturally in a wonderful, caring and supportive school, where my children have been thriving.

Three years down the road, we are now relocating to London and went through the process again! In a very different schooling environment, Sarah again did an outstanding job shortlisting the best options based on the individual (and new) needs of our children. In fact she did such a great job with our daughter, who’s incredibly excited about her new school, that we finally managed to convince our son, who wanted to stay boarding in the South West, to consider relocating with us. He has now found a truly great school in London and cannot wait to go there! A huge weight taken off our shoulders!
I am very lucky to have had Sarah and Anna’s support along the way, and feel truly grateful for the amazing support they have been providing to our family.”

Sarah Teasdale