Internal School of London (ISL) Group

“The International School of London (ISL) Group has worked with Sarah Teasdale and her company, Educatus Ltd, regarding placement for students at our schools in Doha, Qatar and London and Woking in the UK. Educatus education consultancy helps to find the best solutions to the complex needs of every international family, whether it be a first move, a family needing assistance with special needs concerns or families who do not have English as a first language. 

As schools which specialise in helping families continue mother tongue language and literacy, Sarah has worked with ISL to place international families appropriately. Not only does this require a thorough understanding of the complex issues around language development, but also a deep understanding of all the needs – academic, social and emotional – of each child. Her knowledge of the curricula of all countries is exceptional, which ensures that families are prepared for transitions from one national system to another. 

Sarah’s background and first-hand experience of global mobility means she brings a very personal understanding to each relocation. Her knowledge of academic programmes and curricula covers many countries and education systems so that she can easily translate one country’s experience gracefully into the new country. She knows her clients well and becomes a strong advocate in placing them in the right school. 

She and her team make similar efforts in visiting and understanding each school to ensure the best match for each child. She is always cordial, dependable, reliable and efficient. But most important, she always places the child’s needs at the heart of every relocation.”

Sarah Teasdale